With the world still a smoldering dumpster fire and, um…other changes that have occurred in my life, traveling anywhere this year doesn’t really seem to be in the cards. That’s a bit of a bummer, but there’s not alot that can be done about it. For the time being then, I’ve been getting my travel fix from YouTubers who visit places I wish I could. Well, some of them anyway. Many are in the same boat and can’t really create new videos if they can’t go anywhere.

Anyway, these are some of my favorite YouTube channels. And yea, they lean heavily towards those in Asia. Is that any surprise?


  • One of the bigger YouTubers in Japan, Chris Broad’s definitely fun to watch. Especially if he’s painfully biking around Japan while out of shape. There’s been a noticeable down-tick in videos since the pandemic. But that’s unsurprising and understandable, and he’ll hopefully start putting out more content again.


  • Probably my favorite vlogger in Japan, Currently Hannah is based out of Osaka. Her videos are gorgeous, and many times thoughtful. She also low-key dragged “influencers”, so that’s always fun.


  • I used to think Paolo from Tokyo was a bit goofy (I still do). But his videos are always enjoyable. And many of them are also informative, especially his “Day in the life” series, where he follows someone through one of their typical days. And hey, the manga creator he featured a few months ago now has an anime out. So grats to him!


  • I definitely can’t leave out Rambalac. Not so much a travel vlogger as a walking guide, Ramabalac makes videos of his walks throughout Tokyo and other parts of Japan. No commentary, no cuts, just the sights and sounds of his walks. They bring you there when you can’t physically be there, and it’s incredibly relaxing.


  • Luke and Sabrina are based out of Taiwan, so that’s already a bonus in my book. These two have seen more of Taiwan than I have, and also seem to have eaten a larger variety of Taiwanese food too. Given how Taiwan’s fared during the pandemic (most excellently), they’ve also been one of the few I watch that have been relatively unaffected. So yay Taiwan! Funny enough they’re currently in Greece.


  • A Taiwanese YouTuber who goes around filming those who make street food. The videos are sometimes in Chinese, but food is universal. So don’t worry, the food always speaks for itself. It’s often times hypnotic watching the process behind all the amazing Taiwanese street food.


  • I watch a couple of van and boat-lifers, but Kombi Life is always the most enjoyable. I think it’s because I respect (and am a bit scared of) their dedication to van life. Yea, I couldn’t do it. But they’ve now navigated a huge chunk of the world, so major respect to that.