With Japan’s borders re-opening in October, it was pretty much a given that my first major trip since the pandemic would be back to Japan. Nevermind that my (second to last) trip was also to Japan, and that this trip would have alot of overlap with that one. The biggest difference between my 2019 trip and this trip was that I’d be going with my new girlfriend Chi-Chi. So while I’d be playing tour guide again, it’d be as a couple doing couple-y stuff. Which, as it turned out, wasn’t that much different. Though we did take a nice trip to a lakeside resort.

The primary itinerary of this vacation would be between Kyoto and Tokyo. We started in Tokyo, meeting up with Chi-Chi’s friends when we landed before heading off to Kyoto. We saw many of the usual sites, took a daytrip to Nara and Lake Biwa, then rounded out the trip with Christmas in Tokyo.

And something else that’s immediately obvious; photography just wasn’t the main focus on the trip. Though I had my Canon 6D, there wasn’t a single day that I brought it out with us. On the flip-side, I did shoot alot more videos on my phone. That I’ll still need to see how best to add to this gallery. And I’d like to find a full-featured camera to use on my next trip. Time-lapse and slow-motion features are just too much fun to play with.