I have a secret…I’ve always wanted to wear a kilt. So when my friends invited me to their wedding in Scotland, it wasn’t even in question whether I would be attending. So the upside was that I got my wish; I got a kilt let for the wedding, with the kilt, sporran, a sgian dubh (it was plastic unfortunately), the works. The downside was that a full kilt is incredibly hot. The “traditional” method of going commando now made alot more sense. Oh, and there were also no bagpipes at the wedding. That made me sad.

My friends took me around Glasgow the week leading up to the wedding. On a particular day when they had alot of wedding prep to take care of, I took a day-trip to Edinburgh on my own to continue my touristing. I visited Edinburgh Castle, walked up Arthur’s Seat, and wandered the Royal Mile looking for ghosts. Come the day of the wedding, there was about half an hour for the ceremony, and 12 hours of partying.

As an added bonus, I made a one-day layover in Amsterdam after the trip to see friends before flying back to New York.