This Taiwan trip was meant to be the vacation that followed my Japan vacation back in 2019, before the whole world flipped upside-down for me. Plans changed though, and I made it a point to visit this year because one, my parents moved back to Taiwan after living in the States for 40 years. And two, my girlfriend Chi-Chi had never been.

To be honest, I’d never actually been to Taiwan on my own. Love Boat kind of, but we were still shepherded by the program if we weren’t otherwise roaming around with a large group of party kids. And every other trip was with family to see family, so I didn’t get to see the country on my own terms.

We wanted a side-trip along with Taiwan, and this was initially going to be a few days in Tokyo. But since we’d rather dedicate more time to Japan (again) in the future, we decided on Hong Kong instead. It goes without saying that I have history with Hong Kong, as I frequented it with my ex-wife. But it was time to replace those memories with my new life. Also, I wanted to see my friends.