Grand tour around Japan with friends! My friend was taking a trip to Japan again to see her family, and I told her if she wanted company I was always down for trips with her. Another friend of mine who I chatted with about my trips asked if she could tag along too since she’d never been. As we started hashing out the trip a good six months in advance, I took on the role of tour guide since we wouldn’t meet my other friend until a week into it.

We started our tour in Osaka, where we met up with my friend from Berlin that was visiting Japan at the same time. We took day-trips to see Himeji Castle, Kobe to sample A5 Kobe beef as well as visit the Fukuju brewery (one of my favorite sakes), and Todai-ji temple in Nara. We continued on to Kyoto, hit almost all the major sites, weathered Typhoon Hagibis in Arashiyama, and then finally made our way to Tokyo.