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TWHK 2023 Video

Taiwan and Hong Kong 2023

Taiwan Pre-Soundtrack 2023 Redux

Return to Japan 2022

Return to Japan Photojournal 2022

Anime Tourism Guide Updated

Pandemic Travelogue 2020

Travelling Without Moving

Addendum Guide to Kyoto

NOTE: These past trips to Japan, it was hard not to notice the massive increase in tourism to the country. Which is a good thing!

Beginner’s Guide to NYC

NOTE: New Yorkers are very opinionated people, probably to an unhealthy degree. Maybe I am too, so here’s my guide! This is just based on

Beginner’s Guide to Japan

NOTE: This is an accumulated set of information that I’ve sent to friends for decades now. It reads like an email to friends because that’s

Seoul Soundtrack 2019

I sort of wish I had looked for more music before and during my Seoul trip. I had planned on hitting a couple listening bars

Seoul Photojournal 2019

Two months after I got back from Japan, I took a plane right back to Asia to see friends in Seoul. Partly because I wanted

Tokyo Soundtrack 2019

Aside from looking at my photos to bring me back to past trips, the other aspect that I’m positive others do too is ingraining a

DJ Bar Bridge

I made it a point to hit up DJ Bar Bridge in Shibuya after watching this video. We arrived a bit after dinner hours when

Tour de Japan 2019

A two week grand tour to show my friend the sights and sounds and alcohol of Japan. So much alcohol. The food was delicious too.

Tour de Japan Photojournal 2019

Grand tour around Japan with friends! My friend was taking a trip to Japan again to see her family, and I told her if she

Tokyo Escape Photojournal 2018

2018 was turning into a pretty rough year, so I took a last-minute trip to Tokyo to more or less run away from my problems.

Paris Photojournal 2017

It took me until 2017 to finally take a trip to Paris. City of lights, city of love, city of great cocktails. While I took

Tokyo Excursion Photojournal 2016

I’m always looking for any excuse to take a trip to Tokyo. So when my friend said that she was going to Tokyo again and

Washington DC Photojournal 2016

The announcement that they had restored the studio model of the USS Enterprise and that it was being displayed at the Smithsonian prompted me to

Berlin Photojournal 2014

Art, beer, and more art…I suppose that was Berlin to me in a nutshell. An added bonus was that I got to see a friend

Venice Biennale/Ireland Photojournal 2013

We took a trip over the summer to Venice on the way to a friend’s wedding in Ireland. While in Venice, we roamed the pavilions

Hong Kong and Taiwan Photojournal 2012

Even though I had a number of friends in Hong Kong, it took me until 2012 to finally take a trip to see them. Being

Milstein Hall Cornell

The new Milstein Hall at my alma mater had just opened, so a couple of us took a homecoming trip to our former home of

KyoTokyo Time-Lapse

music – Clammbon – Folklore A good chunk of my trip to Japan in 2011 was spent shooting time-lapses to make this video for myself.

Ice Cream City

And now for adventures in Ice Cream City! Ice Cream City is (was) in Namja Town in Ikebukuro. It’s since been replaced by normal dessert

KyoTokyo 2011

With all my trips to Japan ever being awesome, and my last trip there being especially awesome, this trip had to live up to three prior

KyoTokyo Photojournal 2011

My trip to China didn’t fully satisfy my travel needs, so I was mulling over whether I should take another trip somewhere before the end

Seattle Photojournal 2011

Full disclosure, I hadn’t been to the west coast since my family literally landed in America. That might’ve been back in the early 80’s. So

Beijing and Shanghai 2011

I didn’t actually know what to expect from my trip to Beijing. For one, China’s been on the ascendant for the last decade, and this

Beijing and Shanghai Photojournal 2011

I’ve never had any desire to visit China. But after the Beijing Olympics in 2008, I thought I’d take a trip there to see how

Glasgow and Edinburgh 2010

NOTE: This post is based on my original blog entry. GlasgowI arrived Wednesday morning. My friend Max came by the airport to pick me up; him

Glasgow and Edinburgh Photojournal 2010

I have a secret…I’ve always wanted to wear a kilt. So when my friends invited me to their wedding in Scotland, it wasn’t even in

Prague 2009

NOTE: This post is based on my original blog entry. Day 1 My friend and I got into Prague early morning Sunday at an ungodly

Prague Photojournal 2009

My friend in Arizona messaged me saying that she needed to take a break from life, and asked if I was down for a vacation

Peach Tree City Photojournal 2009

Some friends and I flew down to Georgia to celebrate 4th of July with our friends who had fled the city a few years prior.

Tokyo Tour 2008

NOTE: This post is based on my original blog entry. Day 1 While this was my third trip to Tokyo, this was “technically” my first

Tokyo Tour Photojournal 2008

The vacation all other vacations are compared to. And while I already had a fascination with Tokyo by this point, this trip was the trip

London Calling Photojournal 2008

Our work hours in Amsterdam were pretty brutal, so I took a weekend trip to see a friend in London to deflate. The actual train

Amsterdam Photojournal 2008

I was sent back to Amsterdam the following spring for another two month stint to help the office with some projects. While there was considerably

Amsterdam Photojournal 2007

I was sent to Amsterdam to help our recently opened Dutch office. Two months of overcast skies and absolutely crazy summer storms. I was staying

Taiwan Homecoming 2006

NOTE: This post is based on my original blog entry. Day 1 – TaipeiThe last time I visited Taiwan was back in 2002/03. That was

Taiwan Homecoming Photojournal 2006

My sister got married the summer of 2006 (the day before my birthday…uncool). So afterwards, it was time to take my thoroughly American brother-in-law on

Tokyo Soundtrack 2006

The soundtrack to the 2006 trip. There’s the obligatory City Girl by Kevin Shields; I was playing that as we made our way to our

Tokyo 2006

HIGHLIGHTS | The Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku is…wow. I feel like royalty. 47 floors up in the air in a hi-tech room with a 42-inch

Tokyo Photojournal 2006

My first trip back to Japan since college was a business trip for a trade show at the Tokyo Big Sight. Incidentally, the last time

Barcelona 2005

NOTE: This post is based on my original blog entry. Day 2Unlike last year’s blister-inducing walking marathons, I had gel insoles this year. Much less

Barcelona Photojournal 2005

My second vacation ever as an adult was a bit of a toss-up. London was pretty fun, so should I stick with Europe? Head to

London Rockin’ 2004

NOTE: This post is based on my original blog entry. Day 1London rock the house! The holidays, New Years, and then-some spent roaming thru the

London Rockin’ Photojournal 2004

My first vacation as a functioning adult! I suppose looking back at the choice of London, it was a bit too safe of a destination.

Taiwan Photojournal 2002

My dad let us know that this trip to Taiwan would be the last “family” trip we’d ever take that was fully paid for. My

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